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As a mother of three children who have all had life-threatening food allergies and chronic food allergy diseases I understand the overwhelming anxiety that can come with managing these conditions. How can something so basic, such as feeding your child, be so complicated and unnerving!

Since the age of 1, my oldest has suffered from five different life-threatening food allergies plus Eosinophilic Esophagitis. His current situation is a complicated one and his journey has been even more so, but looking at him or speaking to him one would never know.

My middle daughter has been fortunate enough to outgrow her anaphylactic allergies, despite several hospitalizations when she was young.

Our youngest also suffers from EoE and has since infancy diagnosed with Failure to Thrive. Her dairy intolerance adds an additional allergen to the laundry list of allergens already in our house. When our son was first diagnosed with his food allergies and then EoE, I felt overwhelmed, scared and alone.

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I didn’t know where to go or who to turn to. The dietician gave me the basics on how many calories he needed a day and the breakdown of the necessary nutrients and all the things he COULDN’T eat, but nobody told me what he COULD eat and would actually eat! Never mind where to buy it.

Instead, I had to figure it out on my own…for all three children. The road has been bumpy (and sometimes downright rocky) managing all of the food allergies and diseases, but I have learned so much through the years of actually “walking the walk.”

What I would have given for the support of someone who has been there.

My solution is the Joy of Eating!

Living with food allergy diseases is challenging,  but not unmanageable. As a mother and a health coach, I am committed to my children living safely and happily in and out of the home. I will not allow their food restrictions to interfere with their innocence, health, and enjoyment of being a kid.

I want this for my children, and I want the same for yours.

“Thanks to Jennifer I now have a basket of tools and resources to help keep my daughter safe and living her life. She is warm, compassionate and as a mom of children with food allergies herself, she really gets it!”

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