the next chapter


Perimenopause to Menopause can be a time of great ups and downs for women both physically and mentally, but it doesn’t have to be.

With the right balance of nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle changes we can start the next chapter with energy, curiosity and the same size pants!



Phase I – Evaluation


Client to complete and submit all assessment docs aiding Joy of Eating Nutrition in building a complete health history and profile.

· Intake Form

· Food/mood/poop journal

· Sleep diary

· Recent bloodwork inclusive of thyroid and vitamin D levels

Phase II – Clearing the Muddy Waters

Customized protocol inclusive of the following:

· Diet modifications and recipes

· Supplement recommendations

· Lifestyle advice- ie sleep, stress management, fitness and breathwork

· *Likely will recommend microbiome testing and/or micronutrient testing at additional cost. Additional hormone testing may be needed. Joy of Eating Nutrition partners with a local integrative OBGYN to complete this work.

Protocol will be discussed in first :60 session

Phase III – Optimization

· 4/:30 Check-ins are scheduled every two weeks. This is the phase where we are constantly assessing what’s working and what’s not and then optimizing accordingly. Its all about partnership, support and accountability as this is where the magic happens!