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Nourish to Flourish


We help your body restore optimal function by getting to the root cause of your symptoms.  We look at the full body system, not just the illness or symptoms. Because every body is different so should your personalized wellness recommendations.  


Our process is one of Evaluation, Recommendation and Optimization. 

We meet you where you are and build from there. There are no judgements and no determinations on where you should be, rather just partnership on where you want to go. 

Upon our inquiry call and a paid invoice, we begin work on the Evaluation Phase.

Phase I – Evaluation


Client to complete and submit all onboarding docs aiding Joy of Eating Nutrition in building a complete health profile. 

  • Intake Form
  • Food/mood/poop journal
  • Sleep diary
  • Timeline questionnaire      
  • Recent bloodwork  


Phase II – Recommendation

Joy of Eating Nutrition will recommend a customized wellness protocol for you and you only.  There is no one size fits all.  This holistic program gets to the root of your issues and works upstream.  The plan  includes:

  • Diet 
  • Supplements
  • Lifestyle tips
  • *Possibly additional testing recommendations

This protocol will be discussed in a :60 minute vc one week upon completion of all onboarding forms

*Five and Ten pack recipes are additional: Five recipes-$50, Ten recipes-$100

Phase III – Optimization

  • 4/:30 Check-ins are scheduled every two weeks. This is the phase where we are constantly assessing what’s working and what’s not and then optimizing accordingly.  Its all about partnership, support and accountability as this is where the magic happens! 
  • Note: supplement and testing costs are not included