what do I do now

What do I do now?

Food Allergy Coaching package.

That’s exactly how every allergy parent feels upon their child being diagnosed with life-threatening food allergies. The doctor gives you a list of what your child can’t eat and some epinephrine and sends you on your way, while your left dumbfounded and lost.

That’s where Joy of Eating Nutrition comes in.


WE educate you, your loved ones and caregivers on your child’s allergies.

  • help set-up your home to be allergy safe.
  • Introduce you to allergen-safe brands and where to shop
  • teach you how to safely travel and eat out
  • work with schools to set-up 504 plans
  • answer any and all the questions you have about your food allergic child
  • support you in your journey of living with food allergies.