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This customized program is designed for the person that knows they could use a diet “tune-up”, but doesn’t know how or where to start.  Maybe you need supplement recommendations and some overall wellness tips but are commitment phobic! Look at this consult as a step towards improved health and an opportunity to explore how your diet can affect how you feel from the inside, out.

Program includes:

  • 30-minute discovery session
    • Discussion of your current well-being, symptoms and goals
  • Assessment of  intake form
  • 1 hour follow-up session: one week from discovery session
    • Personalized protocol recommendation based on information shared 
      • Diet modifications
      • Supplement recommendations

Price:  $249

*The cost does not include supplements. No recipes are included.  

Note true lifestyle changes take time, dedication and consistency.  This program is a jump start.  It is not designed to get at the root cause of your symptoms,  but it can of course be extended into a longer term program.